Fraud and theft are ways of dishonestly appropriates what belongs to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.
Unemployment Benefit Fraud
Housing Benefit Fraud
Obtaining Council Properties by Deception
Gideon Investigations Limited
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False Insurance Claims
Disability Allowance Fraud
Accident and Personal Injuries Claims

We carry out enquiries on behalf of finance companies, local authority, insurance and government institutions to unravel and reveal evidence of false and fraudulent activities.
We investigate issues relating to inventory loss, theft, illegal commission, misappropriation of funds, disclosures of classified information and willful omissions.
Our operatives are fully trained, equipped with hi-tech equipment to implement all surveillance and observations and we will provide a full report with indisputable evidence upon which you can establish your case. We plan our operations with utmost DISCRETION and PROFESSIONALISM.

Our service covers:
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