Where did they come from?  Why are they here?  What is their history?  These are common questions, and for obvious reasons.  You need to find out who they say they are - everything about their past, employment history, activities, convictions, finance, relationships, marriage or divorce, we will unravel those mysteries, unlock those secrets and expose the truth.

Pre-Employment Verification 
We will carry out search objectively to establish facts about potential applicant - all you need to know about their employment and career history, character, honesty, reliability and even their education accreditation, professional capabilities to ensure they are qualified for the job which they have applied.  Employment backgrounds checks are affordable tool to aid employers in determining whether or not the potential applicant will be an asset or a risk.

Pre/Post Marital Check
Have you met someone and they seem too good to be true.  Are they secretive and/or distant?  Are they unwilling to share simple details about themselves?  There are many men and women in society preying on those that are lonely and trustworthy.  By this, we give detailed information about bride/groom family, employment, civil debt, convictions, financial status and habits.  Don’t become a victim of your loneliness and circumstance.  This service is used to reduce problems related to post marital issues as well.  This includes bigamy, adultery and alliance verification.  We will carry out checks to the level you require to unravel the mysteries and expose the truth that could save heart-breaking, protect loved ones, and your assets.

Tenant Background Check
We will carry out comprehensive checks to help property owners and land management companies determine genuine and potential tenants.  We will gather all the information you need to know about their employment, character, recent address history, criminal conviction to make more informed decision about who to rent to in order to minimize risk of property damage and rent defaulter.

Asset Verification
We offer a wide range of Asset Verification service to our discerning clients.  Our well trained professionals, works in close coordination with the clients to accomplish satisfactory results.  These Asset Verification service are well executed using technological advancement within stipulated time frame
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